Frequently asked questions

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What is a GA-NFT?
GA-NFT is an acronym for Game-As-Non-Fungible-Token. It is a new kind of NFT where an entire game is a NFT. We created the term to allow people to distinguish between games that are owned and traded as NFTs from games that use NFTs to represent items in-game.
How much does it cost to mint a Galaget GA-NFT?
Galaget uses a tier-based fee structure starting at 0.02 ETH and ending at 0.08 ETH. Refer to the Pricing page for more details.
Is there a limited supply of Galaget GA-NFTs?
Yes, Galaget GA-NFTs are limited to 4445 tokens.
What does it mean to own a Galaget GA-NFT?
Owning a Galaget GA-NFT means you own a serialized version of Galaget. It has all the same features and benefits of an ERC721 compliant NFT along with being able to play the game.
Which platforms does Galaget play best on?
Galaget plays best on Desktop based Chrome, Firefox, and Brave. Does not work on Safari. Ensure that hardware acceleration is enabled for best performance.